We are in Konya for the Şerbet-i Veladet event which will take place within the scope of 811 th
Birthday Events of Hz.Mevlana on September 30th.

Within the scope of Mevlana's 811th Birthday Anniversary Activities; We are expecting all the Mevlana Lovers to be organized in the 4th Şerbet-i Veladet event. Hz.Mevlana's birthday, September 30, Mevlana mausoleum, next to the historic Mengüç Street stand we will take place.

At 14:00, Mevlana mausoleum, in the presence of Gülbang (prayer), then cortej and historic Mengüç Street walk and visit the opening of Sherbet boiler at 14:30 and catering stands. The event will end at 20:00 with the final concert of the mystical music festival at the Mevlana Cultural Center.

“There are 2 kitchens in Mevlevi Houses.”
Meals are cooked to saturate physical hunger in one of them. In other one, people satisfy their brains and hearts through the Sufism education.”