We joined World Food Istanbul in order to meet with domestic and foreign professional buyers.

Supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry,Ministry of Commerce, KOSGEB,Gastronomy Tourism Association (GTD), Turkish Federation of retailers (TPF), TÜGIDER (all food Foreign Trade Association), pakder (cereals pulses business and packaging Industrialists Association of agricultural products), Marsap (Marmara region Purchasing Managers platform), plat (special branded products industrialists and suppliers association) and the Association of cooks, we have been in WorldFood Istanbul.

As the company, we actively participated in meetings with members of Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Colombian delegation.

“There are 2 kitchens in Mevlevi Houses.”
Meals are cooked to saturate physical hunger in one of them. In other one, people satisfy their brains and hearts through the Sufism education.”