Damages of the Sugar

Sugar is a necessity of our daily lives. For this reason, it is normal for anyone to fell that he/she must consume sugar. Excessive use of sugar causes development of many diseases. And, as you guess, decreasing sugar consumption is a factor decreasing the frequency of diseases. We should limit our sugar consumption to normal dosage, and consume less sugar if we consumed more than our limit at the day before. If you consume sugar within normal limits, it is not harmful for your health.

Damages of Sugar to Health

  • Excessive usage of sugar is not health-friendly.

  • Sugar leads to vascular occlusion because of its glucose content.

  • Excessive usage of sugar leads us to gain weight. Sugar brings the sense of dissatisfaction. For this reason, it is one of the main factors of obesity, which is accepted to be the most important disease of this era.

  • Use of sugar affects our habits, and this is unfortunately in negative way. Excessive use of sugar also caused liver dysfunctions.

  • The use of sugar significantly increases the risk of chronic diseases.

  • Many researches that have been carried our have demonstrated that struggling with chronic diseases is a difficult and long way.

Sugar is everywhere

Nowadays, all the products we consume contain sugar. Packaged and ready-to-eat foods contain high level of sugar. For this reason, we sometimes unconsciously consume the sugar. So, even the individuals, who know that sugar is harmful and she/she should avoid from consuming it, consume excessive amount of sugar.

Sugar for babies and children

While sugar consumption is harmful for even adults, excessive amount of sugar consumption is also very dangerous for children. Every child consuming sugar excessively is more inclined to get sick. The sugar-containing foods given to babies lead to certain problems. Especially the baby formulas bring high level of the risk in terms of diseases. For this reason, we should protect both our children and babies from all the foods containing sugar.

Genetics of sugar

Sugar is generally consumed after being processed. Since sugar is not used in its natural form and is mixed with many chemicals, it causes significant damages. For this reason, one should stay away from any sugar used in foods.

Secret names of sugar

Since sugar is a material that is widely used in any food, it is given many different names. For this reason, sugar content should be investigated under different names. Sugar, which is such a wide and secret weapon, will always damage your health. As well as knowing the types of sugar, it is also important to know the names of sugar in order to decrease the sugar consumption.

Reasons to not consume sugary foods

  • Excessive use of sugar increases the risk of cancer.

  • Sugar consumption deteriorates the immune system.

  • Some of the minerals the body needs are obtained from sugar. Consuming a certain level of sugar is important for this reason.

  • It causes significant increase in activity level of children. Since this increase is artificial-caused, it poses danger for further periods.

  • The sugar content of carbonated drinks is very high. Such type of sugar consumption causes both increase in weight and addiction in body.

  • Sugar damages the cells and tissues and also stops their renewal.

  • It weakens the immune system of body against bacterial infection.

  • Sugar triggers many types of cancer.

  • It deteriorates normal functioning of kidneys, and damages human health.

  • Sugar also prevents the absorption of calcium and copper. This causes deficiencies.

  • Sugar is also harmful for the eyes. It leads to significant damages by deteriorating the eye structure.

  • Sugar is dangerous for dental health. Sugar consumption weakens the tooth enamel and causes decays.

  • For diabetic people, sugar consumption increases the blood glucose level and this may lead to loss of certain abilities such as sight.

  • Sugar increases the acidity of gut and causes many problems.

  • Even if it isn’t widely known, sugar accelerates aging.

  • Sugar may trigger the food allergies. For this reason, highly allergic individuals should be careful about sugar consumption.

  • Excessive sugar consumption causes renal calculus development. Once renal calculus develops, the patient may not recover completely again.

  • Excessive use of sugar prevents precise determination of blood glucose.

  • Sugar also causes skin diseases such as eczema.

  • Sugar decreases the growth hormone of children.

  • Sugar causes increase in vascular occlusion.

For such reasons, we should be careful about and decrease our sugar consumption. Regardless of who prepared the foods, you should not eat anything unless you know its constituents. Intense sugar consumption leads even healthy individuals to get sick. For sugar consumption, you should apply to a physician, and get his advice. The less sugar you consume, the longer life you’ll have.

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