Date is a source of health.

First entrance of date into human life dates back to the ancient times. Being rich in sugar and fiber content, date contributes to strengthening the immune system. Date is widely grown in hot regions such as North Africa and Arabia. By regularly consuming a couple of date, you can meet a part of your body’s sugar requirement. Date prevents from gaining too much weight, because it meets the sugar needs in natural way. In a sense, the water and sugar need for brain’s functions is met by the date consumption. Such a useful fruit has drawn the attention of pharmacology industry and it has started to be used as raw material in medicine production. Date doesn’t need to be used in medicines, but it can also be consumed as a food or fruit. It is an alternative that can be used in every disease. For this reason, it should be consumed regularly.

Date has also an important role in water retention in body. For this reason, it is recommended to eat date before long-lasting hunger such as fasting. The advantages of date that should be involved in every part of your life are listed below.

Head region

Head is a point of balance for us and date is very useful for any kind of nerve infections. Every individual suffering from acute headache may recover from that uncomfortable problem by eating date regularly. Date also contains nutrient elements that the nerves need.

Neural system

Being useful for nervous system, date has a relaxing character. Every individual suffering from forgetfulness problem can struggle with that problem by consuming date. Since it relaxes the nervous system, it is very useful for you.


With its nutritional contents, it provides many vitamins that the eyes need, and repairs the visual impairment. The fact that the minerals that date contains cannot be obtained from another fruit indicates that we must consume it. It is useful for even the individuals suffering from advanced visual impairments. If you don’t have any visual impairment, you can protect your eyes by regularly eating date.

Ear diseases

It is a fruit that the individuals having ear problem should eat. You will enjoy the benefits of date in ear problems. If you suffer from ear pain, you may prepare a cure from date and treat your ear pain through natural methods.

Chest diseases

Chronic chest diseases indicate that it is necessary to eat date. In order to cure any chest disease, date is of reparative properties. Chest diseases lead to uncomfortable moments. Date and other natural vitamin sources are very useful in recovering from such problems.

Blood veins

The most significant enemy of venous occlusion is the date that is a therapeutic herb against the venous diseases. It is known to have rapid effect for individuals having vascular occlusion problem. Furthermore, it cures the anemia problem rapidly.

Cholesterol balance

The most important problem of recent years is exactly the cholesterol. There are many individuals suffering from cholesterol and having to live with that disease. The effect of date on cholesterol is really interesting. An individual having high cholesterol level may balance his/her cholesterol.

Lumbar Pains

Lumbar pain is a very painful disease. Its treatment doesn’t rapidly yield any result, and recovering from this health problem costs psychologic deterioration for patients. Date is like a massage from inside, and you can suppress your pains with it. The only thing you should do is to eat date and then drink plenty of water right after date.

Kidney and bladder

The real reason of the development of kidney and bladder stones is not still known. Eating date regularly and drinking plenty of water contribute to the cleaning of kidneys. The continuously active kidney doesn’t develop stones within itself. If you suffer from stone in your kidney or bladder, date may be very useful for your problem. Removal of the sands from kidney is very painful process. In this period, it is recommended to consume date in liquid form. Through a blender, you can blend it.


Due to its structure, liver is a sensitive organ. Since it collects the toxins, it requires continuous intake of anti-toxic matters. For this removal process, date is very useful. Having a clean liver protects us from other sicknesses.

Stomach and bowels

Diarrhea generally occurs as a result of stomach and bowel spasms. Water loss is very high in diarrhea. For this reason, date is very useful for recovering the water loss. By courtesy of date, water retention of your body will improve, and the water balance resumes. As a result of water retention, the diarrhea problem is prevented.


Treatment of hemorrhage that is a bleeding disease is also very difficult. Every individual suffering from hemorrhage experiences painful moments. Every person struggling with this problem should stay away from spicy and excessively hot foods. Preventing the hardening in your stomach, date allows you to relive yourself easily and prevents the hemorrhage from being painful. Bleeding due to hemorrhage is significantly decreased by eating date.


Magnesium content of the date is very high. The contents of date are very useful in struggling with cancer.


If there is a swelling at any point in your body, a date cure can treat that swelling.

Nursing mothers

Date is very beneficial for nursing mothers. The vitamin content of date improves the nutritive value of breast milk. It has been reported that the breast milk having increased nutritive value was much more beneficial for the baby.

Benefits of date and date seed

About date seed

The date seed is very hard. The reason that it is such hard is that it contains keratin in its structure. For this reason, date seed is used in many areas such as soap production. Date seed is also used in treating the fungus.

Some of the benefits of date seed

Population planning

Date seed has always been used for preventing the pregnancy. As a raw material, date seed extract is widely used in contraceptive medicines.

Prostate cancer

Becoming much more common in recent years, prostate cancer is like a nightmare for men. In researches carried out, it has been demonstrated how useful the date seed is in preventing the prostate cancer. The date seed has started to be utilized in prostate therapy in recent years.

Kidney stone

In order to remove the kidney stones, date seed should be boiled and drunk. For this purpose, date and date seed should be used together. It is rarely known that date seed balances the kidney function. Nothing is unnecessary in nature. We need the beneficial effects of date seeds, as well as date.


Date is very useful for eye health. Date seed consumed together with date decreases the visual problems and contributes to our health. Boiling the date seed and making it into preparation and applying it onto eyelids treat the eye problems. This preparation also decreases the eye fatigue.

Similarities between date and human

  • Date palm has many similarities with human body.

  • Date and human have been generated from the soil.

  • The date and human body having vertical and wide structure exhibit significant similarities. This is also stated in Holy Quran.

  • As humans do, also the date has female and male genders. This also indicates the similarity in terms of gender, and it is clear that this similarity is not a coincidence.

  • Both of them reproduce through fertilization.

  • The lifetime of date palm is as long as human life is.

  • Developmental characteristics of date palm also show similarities with human.

  • Date palm, just like humans, lives with water, but it is not water-dependent just like other plants are.

  • Date palm is like fasting version of humans. It knows how to be patient and store water.

  • The similarity between human and date palm is very interesting and should be investigated scientifically.

Date in Holy Quran

With its benefits, the date is always in our lives. There are studies researching whether the date has unknown benefits or not. The fact that most of these studies proved this idea has driven people into curiosity. But, in Holy Quran, it has been stated that the date is a very favorable plant. A fruit that is so frequently repeated in Quran must be eaten, because no other fruit or plant has been stated so frequently. Some of the benefits of date;

  • Date is called “unique date” in Holy Quran. This is brcause it has been reported to be a very favorable food.

  • Another point specified in Holy Quran is that it is very useful in suppressing the labor pains. For this purpose, it should be consumed frequently throughout the pregnancy.

  • Since it is a fruit containing high concentration of fruit sugar, it should be given to mothers before the birth.

  • Furthermore, it is useful for restoring the energy lost during giving birth.

  • Date is a fruit that is recommended for balancing the blood values. For this reason, it should be used after the birth for recovering faster.

  • Date is also recommended because it increases the breast milk. It is also useful for development of the baby.

  • Date is specified as the fruit from heaven in Holy Quran.

  • Date has a different position in terms of Islamic perspective. Date and grape have been frequently mentioned in Quran. This is enough to understand how an important fruit it is.

  • Date has been used as the symbol of plentitude in Quran. Because of that, it has been thought that the date may bring plentitude to everywhere it is consumed.

If we believe that nothing mentioned in Quran is unnecessary, we should consider the importance of date. This fruit has also an important place in memories of our prophet Hz. Muhammed (SAV). The date consumption is emphasized continuously from both of medical and religious aspects. This fact shouldn’t be underestimated. Many chemical medicines are manufactured and used for treatment purposes. For instance; a person suffering from obesity uses various chemicals in order to control the blood sugar level. But, rather than intaking chemicals, that person can also use a couple of date in order to control the blood glucose level and enjoy the sense of fullness. In Holy Quran, it is mentioned that, in nature, there is a cure for every disease. We should live with fruits and herbs in the way of Quran. Before the chemicals have entered in our lives, peoples have been living much longer and cancer has been observed very rarely. We nowadays do not consume natural foods, and do suffer from many diseases. We should benefit from the date, and achieve our health again.

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