Disadvantages of Aspartame

What is Aspartame?

The aspartame is a class of sweetening agents containing no nutrient or energy. Consumed widely in Europe, aspartame is sold under various names such as akkarin, aspartame, acesulfame potassium (acesulfame-K), cyclamate, alitam, and sucralose. When compared to the sugar, it is 200 times sweeter. The worldwide consumption of it is approximately 9,000 tons annually. Its utilization in food industry became wider after year 2004, and it is claimed to contain toxins.

Is Aspartame Harmful?

Nowadays, many institutions declare that aspartame may cause the cancer. In animal experiments, it has been proved that aspartame leads to tumor development. But it seems not possible to ban the sales of aspartame. It can be said that it is widely used nowadays in foods consumed by children such as chocolate, gums, gummies, drinks, fruit yoghurts, child syrups, ice creams and cornflakes.

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