Sloe Marmalade

Sloe Marmalade


Stock code : AL250G

Type : Sloe Marmalade
Barcode : 8697617180229.
Ingredients : Sloe, Water, Sour salt, Sugar
Storage conditions : +4C +18C Keep in warm and dry environment away from direct sunlight.
Shelf life : 24 Months
Units per package : 20
Net weight : 250g


Sloe is a fruit in wild nature in continental climate. On the other hand, it is the last summer fruit grown in Gelibolu (Gallipoli) peninsula under strong winds and summer sun. It can be served with yoghurt for children and with curd balls for breakfasts. When used with tarts, cookies, cakes and desserts, it gives an additional taste. Its sugar-free version is also produced for diabetic individuals.


It is one of the wild fruits under protection.

Sloe (Prunus spinasa): It is a 3-4m height shrub with white flowers. Its fruits are purple, contain large seeds and have sour taste. It is rich in organic acid, sugar, and flovane glycosides.

Benefits of Slow

  • It cleans the blood.
  • It is of diuretic properties, and helps with removing the tenias.
  • It is useful for hemorrhoid.
  • It is useful for mouth and throat infection.
  • It is useful for gingival and mouth wounds.
  • It increases the breast milk.
  • It can be served with yoghurt for children.

Güvem-Marmelatı 250-gr-güvem-şekerli


“There are 2 kitchens in Mevlevi Houses.”
Meals are cooked to saturate physical hunger in one of them. In other one, people satisfy their brains and hearts through the Sufism education.”