ZAKUSKA SAUCE (Eggplant, Peppers)


Stock code : AL250MR
Type : 250g Jar
Barcode : 8697617182018.
Ingredients : Roasted Capia Pepper, Roasted Eggplant, Garlic, Parsley, Black Peppercorn, Rock Salt, Olive Oil
Storage conditions : +4C +18C Keep in warm and dry environment away from direct sunlight.
Shelf life : 24 Months
Units per package : 20
Net weight : 250g


ZAKUSKA SAUCE (Eggplant, Peppers)

Gathering of Aromas and Flavors

The intense aroma of garlic adds flavor to your kitchens by combining the perfect taste of roasted aubergines and roasted peppers while remaining faithful to the traditional Balkan recipe ...

“There are 2 kitchens in Mevlevi Houses.”
Meals are cooked to saturate physical hunger in one of them. In other one, people satisfy their brains and hearts through the Sufism education.”