2018 The Year of Troy Special Nestor's Bite

Stok Kodu : AL 150g NB
Cinsi : 150g Nestor's Bite
Barkod : 869761718....
İçindekiler : Barley, Oat, Rye, Wheat Flour, Cheese, Honey, Laurel, Rosemary, Tomate, Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Vinegar, Water, Egg.
Storage Conditions : +4C +10C Keep in warm and dry environment away from direct sunlight
Shelf Life : 12 Ay
Units per package : 40
Pieces : 12
Net weight : 150g



“There are 2 kitchens in Mevlevi Houses.”
Meals are cooked to saturate physical hunger in one of them. In other one, people satisfy their brains and hearts through the Sufism education.”